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Information og Settings:

Here you can edit all your personal details and decide what you want other alumni members to see. You can also decide if you want to receive messages in your mailbox about changes to the alumni network.

Content & Features:

This is your personal part of the network where you can manage your bookmarks, upload pictures, files and links and indicate what other social networks you belong to. You can also blog with other members of the network.


Under ‘Community’ you manage how you want to receive messages and how to send messages to different groups and categories. You can see what groups you belong to.

The ‘Connections’ are your friends similar to friends on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can search for your friends using the search field in the top left-hand corner and then connect with them by clicking on ‘Connect’ in the top menu bar of the search result.

This is also where you indicate which blogs you want to subscribe to. Under ‘Referrals’ you can keep an eye on the fellow students you have invited to become members of the network and see if they have also invited some of their own fellow students.

Network & Careers:

Here you can keep an updated CV for use in connection with job applications and make job openings visible to members of the network.

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