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Rasmus Hildegaard Andersen
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  • Programme?
    Pba. International Sales & Marketing

  • Year of graduation?


  • Why did you choose Business Academy Aarhus?

    For me the Academy had a more practical approach than for instance Aarhus University, which is very theoretically. The lessons and subjects were more related to, what you do in a relevant business matter.

  • What do you remember from your student days?

    I had a great time with my classmates. We were very much into creating a nice social environment inside the class and everybody could speak to and with each other. Besides this, I was engaged in Basement and the Academy Council, were I met very different people.

  • What have you done after graduation?

    First, I thought I should continue on studying at the University in Aarhus, which I did a half year after my graduation. After 2 months, I decided to leave the University, since I had chosen the wrong programme. In the meantime I continued to work at my internship company as my spare time job, and after my drop-out I continue at the same company until I found a fulltime job in another company

  • What do you do today?

    I'm located in Randers, where I handle the export sales in the Asia & Pacific region, and sale and train my distributors in the respective countries around the regions.

  • In which ways have you been able to use what you learned from your studies?

    I use a lot of my sales theory in terms of business behavior and culture understanding. Been analytic is a part of my job in finding new partners, and also read the signals from the market. Different market penetration strategies have also been helpful.

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